Mushroom Manifesto Mycologist Paul Stamets says fungi are key to human and environmental health—and can clean up everything from oil spills to nuclear meltdowns. This story won the 2014 ASJA Award for Science/Technology/Business writing. (Discover)
Beating Cancer at Its Own Game How an iconoclastic cancer researcher gamed the immune system and unleashed a potent new weapon against the disease. This piece won the 2016 June Roth Memorial Award for Medical Writing. (Discover)
The Brain of Ben Barres A neurobiologist’s legacy: rewriting how cells operate—and how they go rogue. (Discover)
The Self-Starving Brain Anorexia remains a deadly and mysterious illness. Could radical new brain treatments offer the possibility of a cure? (Aeon)
Two Marthas…One Kidney When her mother’s only kidney started to fail, Marthita Cosgalla didn’t think twice about donating one of hers. (AARP)
Caught in the Crossfire Biologist Andrea Turkalo spent 20 years studying endangered forest elephants in the Central African jungle—until political violence forced her to flee. Now she’s fighting to save her life’s work, and the animals she loves. (Discover)
Brain Benders Neurobiologist Carla Shatz discovered that immune molecules help shape the wiring of the brain. Could they also be key to treating autism, schizophrenia and stroke? (Discover)
Showdown at the O.K. Caral Archaeologists feud bitterly over how civilization in the Americas got its start 5,000 years ago. Reported from Peru. (Discover)
Your Spaceship Awaits A report from the Mojave Desert on the launch of SpaceShipOne, winner of the X Prize for the first viable commercial manned space vehicle. Cover story. (Life)
Together Forever A portrait of six-year-old conjoined twins Abby and Brittany Hensel. Cover story. (Life)

The Midas Touch In Alaska’s Bristol Bay region, the continent’s biggest gold mine could put the world’s largest salmon fishery out of business. An investigation. (Mother Jones)
An Idyll Interrupted In a peaceful California mountain town, a battle over bottling spring water turns violent. Cover story. (Los Angeles Times Magazine)
The Toxic Schools of Malibu…and New York…and Lexington, Mass….and Maybe Your Town Too Cancer-causing PCBs were widely used in building materials for decades. Whether anyone bothers to look for them at your kids’ school, and what happens next, is mainly an accident of geography. (TakePart)

“I Need Help Up Here” When a pilot dies at the controls of a private plane, a passenger takes over. (Reader’s Digest)
Into the Wild Trapped in their pickup truck by a blizzard, a married couple survives for 12 days in Utah’s remote wilderness. (Reader’s Digest)
Cornered A young woman survives an attack by a mountain lion. (Reader’s Digest)
Shipwrecked A family’s dream trip to the South Pacific turns into a nightmare. (Reader’s Digest)

Journey to Justice A portrait of Barbara Mulvaney, an American lawyer who bounced back from a series of personal disasters to become a prosecutor for the Rwanda war crimes tribunal. Reported from Tanzania. (More)
Plane Crazy An encounter with Sean D. Tucker, the Michael Jordan of aerobatics. (Reader’s Digest)
The Country’s Doctor Traveling in an RV with 93-year-old Dr. Benjamin Spock. (Life)
Class Act How a homeless crack addict became an award-winning schoolteacher. (Reader’s Digest)

Can a New Twist on a Native American Tradition Help Solve America’s Prison Crisis? At one notoriously violent institution, a bold experiment delivers surprising results. (TakePart)
Are They Forgivable? In a national act of redemption, Rwanda aims to embrace 30,000 perpetrators of mass ethnic slaughter now returning home. (Aeon)
Is Your Dog an Athlete? Affluent suburbanites take up an unlikely new sport: competitive sheep herding. (Time)

Seeing the Light For celebrities, the Kabbalah Centre is a spiritual hot spot. But some former members say it’s an abusive cult. An investigation. (Elle)
A Church for the 21st Century A portrait of San Francisco’s highly unorthodox—and influential—Glide Memorial United Methodist Church. (Life)

Two Million Reasons for Murder A young woman is killed on a moonlit beach, and her husband is wounded in the attack. Who was the gunman? (Reader’s Digest)

The Dude, All Grown Up Best known for playing a stoned-out slacker, Jeff Bridges turns out to be a hardworking, deep-thinking family man. Cover story. Finalist, 2014 MIN Award. (AARP: The Magazine)
Brad Pitt, Family Guy His first extensive interview in two years. Cover story. (USA Weekend)
The Phantom of the Multiplex Behind the scenes with director Joel Schumacher and composer Andrew Lloyd Webber during the making of The Phantom of the Opera. (Reader’s Digest)
Where He Came From Newscaster Brian Williams talks about the person who influenced him most: Tom Brokaw. As told to K.M. (Reader’s Digest)

Love and Rockets In Astro Turf, author M.G. Lord explains how a search for her father’s secrets led her to unearth the hidden history of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. (Salon)
Reganomics Q&A with controversial publisher Judith Regan on the keys to her success. (Elle)

Into the Future Essays on the aftermath of World War II, from a special issue on the year 1945. (Life)